11 GOP Senators Just Backstabbed Trump to Protect McConell, Look Who They Are


The GOP members of the Senate are now finally showing their true face. After Mitch McConnell viciously attacked President Trump, the truth quickly surfaced and now we know who in the Senate works against the White House administration. Donald Trump has to make the right decision and punish those crooked RINOs. A third major political party is the option, and in the report below you will see why.

The Republican Senate failed to get healthcare passed after seven years of claiming to want Obamacare repealed, after voting for it, time and again when it didn’t matter.

So imagine the surprise, when Sen. Mitch McConnell said President Donald Trump had ‘excessive expectations about how fast it took to get things done.Yes, how dare Trump or any of the rest of us expect that after seven years we could repeal something when you campaigned on doing it.

In response to Trump, 11 senators came out in support of Mitch McConnell and having done nothing.


Collins and Capito helped to do in repealing Obamacare, so they really are part of the problem not the solution.

But Collins was one who voiced support for McConnell.


The other traitors joined the club:



H/T YoungConservatives

Traitors who joined the Anti-American propaganda. Let them do it. Arizona, for example, won’t forget what McCain and Flake did. The same applies for Susan Collins who is 100% assured in her defeat