2 Questions About Islam vs Christianity No Liberal Can Answer


Robert Gehl reports that a message is being delivered to students across the country that tries to dangerously separate people by race – declaring some races inherently advantaged in society.

A prominently displayed bulletin board at Appalachian State University (ASU) in Boone, North Carolina, mocks white males to “check their privilege” as they go about their day on campus.

The board is in the Student Union building and contains various images and tropes now common among leftist racialist activists.

“White privilege” is the idea that white people have certain advantages in life simply because they’re white; that life affords them “privileges.”

The same campaign (with the exact same images) was started at the University of San Francisco (USF) and attacks, isolates and denigrates certain groups based upon their race, Campus Reform is reporting.

But it’s not just “white people” that these leftists are attacking. It’s white, male, heterosexual, Christian, able-bodied and middle-to-upper class people, as evidenced by this prominently displayed billboard created last year by folks at USF.

The Daily Mail interviewed these “privileged” students at ASU – which is 84 percent “white.”

‘Talking about a controversial topic [like privilege] should be voluntary, it shouldn’t be brought to your front door,’ dorm resident Matthew Desantis told The Appalachian.

“Of course certain groups of people have privilege, but the presentation is what bothers me.”

“The content of the board is not inclusive, which is what an RA should be,” said another dorm resident. “I have a hard time believing that I should learn at [3 a.m.] on my way to the bathroom. I agree with what [Gravely] is getting across, but not how he’s doing it.”

“A residential hall is the last place to push an agenda,” Laurel Littler, a junior at the university, said. “When I come home, I want to feel accepted, not outcasted for something I can’t help. I can’t help that I’m Caucasian.”

“Will they be happy if I change the color of my skin so I don’t have my ‘white privilege’ anymore?”

“I want to be comfortable in my own skin. You can’t preach equality if you aren’t willing to let a people group feel accepted as they are.”

Last year, another bulletin board went up at ASU telling students in this school to check their “Christian Privilege“.

Shortly after the bulletin board went up, one student expressed their opinion on the message.