2 Thugs Did The UNBELIEVABLE To A White Pizza Delivery Boy – AL SHARPTON SILENT


We are all served the misconception by the Mainstream Media that only black people are being victims of racism, prejudice and violence. Meanwhile innocent white people die, while on their job, and no one bats an eye about it. That’s what happened to the poor William Burkart  22 who was unexpectedly attacked  by two black criminals while delivering pizza as he was working as a pizza guy in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

Cates and Arnold, who were described as local “gangbangers,” reportedly stabbed Burkart several times before he was able to escape in his car. However, police soon discovered Burkarts vehicle crashed on the side of the road with Burkart lying dead inside, apparently from his stab wounds.

Cates and Arnold have had several run-ins with the local police who claimed that the crime was motivated by robbery.

Since July 2014, Burkart is the seventh documented case of a white pizza delivery driver to be killed by black assailants (H/T Young Conservatives).

Where do the race-baiting Al Sharpton and his cronies stand on this violence and injustice? Social advocates like him are too busy in Baltimore promoting unrest and expanding the racial divide based on a false and dangerous narrative of white-on-black violence that the data simply does not support.

In fact, violence perpetrated by blacks on white victims is on the rise in America, largely thanks to people like Sharpton who, under the guise of social justice, promote hate and incite vengeful violence on the grounds that black people are owed something due to past injustices.

 H/T Conservtive Tribune

Innocent man, may i say boy with life full ahead of him doing nothing wrong just delivering pizza, being victim to the ignorant beliefs about the racial agenda, and dozens of other white people like him dying without anyone even notices. From here on this should stop! Something has to be done about these serious crimes. Wake up America, and see the real racism crimes and help  prevent them!