African American Leaders EXPOSE Obama’s LIES That AFFECT Every American. This Is SICK!


Barack Obama with his foundations made the worst dichotomy in the modern american history. He made some false interracial struggle which resulted with violence, anger and destabilization of the entire country. He always brags about the African American people, saying stupid stuff about racism etc. It seems that the words racism, fasicsm or nazism lost their meaning. Look how these black leaders confront Obama:

Ben Kinchlow, a columnist and co-host of “The 700 Club,” stated, “Give me an example of the existence of one of the following today: racial segregation of the blind, segregated schools and textbooks, segregated lunch counters, and even segregated cemeteries,” via WND.

This was in response to Obama’s claim that “we have, by no means, overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism.”

Kinchlow grew up as a young black man in the 50s and 60s, and he actually had to step off the sidewalks when white women walked by, take off his hat when speaking to white men, and be polite to young white boys as if they were elders.

And to go to school, he had to travel a long way to the closest school that taught black children, which was 90 miles round trip. The only alternative was boarding school. And it’s definitely, obviously, not like that today where all children go to school together.

“Compare that to the fact that we now have a black U.S. president, a black U.S. attorney general, a black first lady, a black Homeland Security Director, a black Supreme Court justice, black senators and congressmen, etc.,” said Kinchlow. “Offhand, I would say that America has overcome the legacies of the past. What more would have to be done to prove this point?”

“Blacks have been told that by their race-hustling leaders that black people can’t be racist because they don’t own anything, and that only white people can be racist,” Peterson said. “So, Obama is still furthering that idea that only white people can be racist, without a doubt.”

He continued on to say, “And it’s bad for him to do that because it’s a continuation of the brainwashing of black Americans, which is going to continue to keep them down from generation to generation and is going to keep the races divided in this country. We will never become one nation under God as long as this phony idea is out there.”

h/t Angry Patriot Movement

Shame on you Democrats! How could you accuse conservatives for racism. You forgot the real meaning of this word. Maybe you can accuse Ben Kinchlow for racism too, considering the fact he is black. Your are ridiculous and pathetic. This man got what he deserved. Good job Kinchlow!