After The Last Thing He Did, Harvey Weinstein is Now UNDER INVESTIGATION


The Harvey Weinstein accusations continue to pile up and it is not looking good for the Hollywood mogul. He has been caught doing a wide array of different things and most of them have been confirmed in some way or another.

Several well known actresses have come out with allegations against him. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that this man donated thousands to democrats over the years. This is something that has been brought up by many.

But some news to finally come out of these allegations is the fact that the Trump Justice Department is going to be looking into his behavior to see if anything can be done. It sounds like this came from Attorney General Jeff Sessions who ordered the FBI to look into his actions in the past. They are scared that more can happen going into the future.

Even though this might not be anything political, it could be turned into something like that given his relationship to to so many liberals around the country.

This came as Harvey Weinstein said that he was going to go to sex rehab in Europe which led to fears that he was going to try to get out of punishment in the United States. But that would not likely happen regardless.

RJ Cipriani, a well known FBI source has come out with some information on this.

“My connections and sources within the law enforcement community have told me they’re looking to bring a case against Harvey Weinstein for rape and various other charges.”

“That’s why they believe Weinstein left to go to Europe to rehab. He is trying to protect himself in case charges are filed and do the same thing Roman Polanski did to escape justice.”

This is likely what Weinstein is trying to do.

He went on, “We must stop these sex predators from crossing any border to allow them to escape justice.”

If he does get to Europe, it sounds like there is not much that authorities can do given the circumstances. Hopefully they are able to catch him before anything like this happens.