Al Sharpton GETS DEVASTATING NEWS After He Publicly Used JESUS To Bash Trump

The so called ,, Reverent” Al Sharpton humiliated himself at front of the entire world and the USA. Sharpton posted something unbelievable and horrible for him as a Christian pastor. His tweet in which he uses the name of Jesus for political purposes and shameful attack against our leader Donald Trump. In the tweets below you can see how is he getting lectured and humiliated by the people on tweet. Disgusting!



Liberals have spent the last few days whining constantly about Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban that he placed on seven nations with known ties to terrorism last Friday. Days later, infamous race-baiter Al Sharpton tried to use Jesus Christ to justify his disdain for Trump and his order.

Unfortunately for Sharpton, his plan backfired in a big way.

Daily Caller reported that Sharpton took to Twitter on Sunday to claim that Jesus was a refugee.

“Before you head to church today,” Sharpton wrote, “remember to thank God for his son, Jesus a refugee who fled to Egypt.”

H/T MRC Blog

We have to be aware that treacherous snakes will be always trying to manipulate the masses. Everybody knows that Donald Trump and his team are pro-Christian oriented, not professional, but spiritual. I use this word ,,professional” because many career politicians use that kind of trick or people like Sharpton to manipulate the nation. Donald Trump is a real Christian with strong family, moral and traditional values.