Al Sharpton Gets TERRIBLE News After Announcing Donald Trump Protest


Al Sharpton is a stubborn and sore loser who just can not put himself in place and shit up. This guy thinks that he is an important person and acts like M. L. King, but he is so fake with his racism stories because everybody knows that he everything he does, he does it for cash. We are all sick and tired from the liberals’ cruelty. We are changing the country and the ones like Al Sharpton are nothing but obstacles. This guy was so brave that he called for a protest on the inauguration day. He wants to make a huge problem and incident, but why? Their option lost, he should be a mature person, accept the defeat and respect the fellow citizens victor. That is freedom and democracy, not the stories you sell, Sharpton. But I don’t buy such garbage.

A few days ago, proud race-baiter Reverend Al Sharpton announced that he would be marching on Washington on Martin Luther King Day to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration, which will happen just five days later. However, unfortunately for Sharpton, something just happened that could ruin his little march in a big way…

Heatst reported that Sharpton’s “We Shall Not Be Moved” has garnered the interest of less than 1,000 people on Facebook thanks in large part to a rival event, the Women’s March on Washington. Unlike Sharpton’s march, this one already has 175,000 RSVPs, with an additional 250,000 people saying they are interested in participating as well.

Sharpton likely feels betrayed by the Women’s March, since two of it’s key organizers are proteges of his who were both former executive directors of National Action Network, the civil-rights nonprofit Sharpton founded in 1991. The Women’s March is led almost exclusively by black women and promises to be very diverse, meaning it will cut into the audience Sharpton was targeting for his own march.

A source close to Sharpton said he is hoping 5,000 people will attend his march, but even this is a small number that he would be lucky to get to at this point.

“Sharpton’s very worried, because obviously, it would be a big embarrassment if no one shows up,” the source said. “Publicly, they say, ‘We’re all getting along.’ Behind the scenes, they’re fighting like cats and dogs, and Sharpton was trying to get them not to hold the rally until March.”

H/T MRC Blog

He is going to fail in his plans, trust me. Al Sharpton lives in a fairy tale, but his dream will end soon. Oh, I would enjoy to see him embarrassed in front of a large group proud patriots before him. Liberals you have to let it go, buddies. You will start destroying yourselves if you continue in this rhythm. Your negativity divided the nation already, don’t let it cause something far worse.