he ISIS terror network continues to spread, even as President Trump launches a crack down. After eight years of Obama, our country is more exposed than ever before.

Here’s more proof that Radical Islam continues to spread throughout America. A 20-year-old man from New Jersey has been arrested and charged with the felony offense of providing material support for a designated terrorist organization and for planning a terror attack in New York. (via NBC New York)

American-born Greg Lepsky was radicalized in Point Pleasant after seeking out Islamic propaganda released by ISIS, including the terrorist group’s magazine.

Police first identified Lepsky after he attempted to stab his family dog to death. Islam preaches that dogs are unclean, and the young convert was attempting to demonstrate his convictions by murdering the family pet.

Lepsky was originally sent to a mental institution for 60 days, but police decided to charge him with felony terror counts after investigating Lepsky’s internet history. Thank goodness!

The American terrorist had purchased a pressure cooker and was reading instructions on how to use it as an explosive device in the hopes of replicating the Boston marathon bombing.

Additionally, Lepsky offered his support for ISIS on social media and celebrated the decapitation of the Americans at the hands of ISIS online. Disgusting!

In one terrifying social media post, he wrote: “If you drive a car with a bunch of explosives in it to where ur[sic] enemies are located and blow yourself up with them then you go to heaven and they all go to hell.”

Lepsky had reportedly purchased a plane ticket and was planning to fly to Turkey after conducting his terror attack. Luckily, police discovered his plans before he was released from the mental institution.

Liberals are claiming that Lepsky is mentally ill; however, about 1/3 of all Muslims agree with the radical teachings Lepsky subscribed to. Are they ALL “mentally ill?” And, even so, since when did that excuse terrorist actions?

If Lepsky is mentally ill, then so are over 300 million Muslims worldwide who believe in murderous Jihad. Hmm. Maybe we’d better lock them ALL up in mental institutions just to be safe! Or, better yet, put them all in prison. Liberals hate logic.

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