ALERT: President Trump Just Made TRAGIC Announcement – THIS IS BAD

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump received bad news. The word is for Vincent Viola, a man who was a BIG Trump supporter, supporter of the American values and patriotism, and successful and important businessman also. Actually, Viola apologized to Donald Trump because he has a very important personal duties that made him unable to accept such an honorable offer.

Read more in the post below about Vincent Viola, Donald Trump and the offer for Viola about taking the position- Secretary of the Army:

Via The Hill: Vincent Viola, President Trump’s choice to be Secretary of the Army, is withdrawing himself from consideration for the post, according to multiple reports.

Viola, who is reportedly worth $1.8 billion, is the founder of electronic trading firm Virtu Financial and was previously the chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange from 2001 to 2004. He also owns the NHL’s Florida Panthers.

Viola told Trump on Friday that he would be unable to accept the nomination because separating himself from his businesses has proven insurmountable, Bloomberg News reported.

The extent of Viola’s business holdings would have been detailed in ethics and financial disclosure forms filed during the nomination process, it added.

He planned to transfer ownership of his business venutres to family members and put the hockey team’s vice chairman in charge of operations, but the Military Times reported that arrangement did not meet Pentagon requirements.

He is the first Trump nominee to withdraw from consideration.
In a statement obtained reported by Military Times, Viola said he was “deeply honored” to be nominated, but said he would not be able to successfully navigate the confirmation process.
“I offer my continued support for President Trump and his administration, and look forward to redoubling my efforts to support the Army and its veterans as private citizens,” he said.

Earlier this month The New York Times reported that Viola was once accused of punching a concessions worker at a racetrack.

H/T Truth Monitor

After all, Viola is a big American patriot and we can be sure that this guy is going to commit even more for the army and the veterans. We need more people like Vincent Viola because our biggest heroes remained trapped in the bureaucratic games of the politicians who act like they are more valuable and powerful than the vets and the army. That is not true! These people are ready to die, or they fought for the country in the past, and they deserve the best! This is obviously a high priority for Donald Trump and his team- good job people!