ALERT – UK Ambassador Comes Forward to EXPOSE Hillary’s Sick Debate Lie, Trump Was RIGHT!


The strategy of the Clinton campaign and the Progressive Left to discredit the incredibly damaging information coming out of WikiLeaks is to say that it is a Russian hack meant to influence the elections in the United States. This is a false narrative spin and we now have indisputable truth to prove it.

In a posting on his website that is being picked up by social media, former UK Ambassador and human rights activist Craig Murray, who has established a rapport with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, states in no uncertain terms that the information about Clinton and her team coming from WikiLeaks is not coming from Russia. Further, he explains why the information isn’t a product of a computer hack. His statement destroys Hillary Clinton’s pathetic defense of her criminal activities.

With just 18 days left until the 2016 General Election, the information coming out of WikiLeaks, if properly covered in the media – mainstream, new and social – and explained to the voting population, will devastate Clinton’s campaign. It is information that proves crimes, collusion and corruption in and throughout the Clinton team and the Democrat Party.

“I left Julian after midnight,” Murray said in a statement. “I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that it is not any Russian state actor or proxy that gave the Democrat National Committee and Podesta material to WikiLeaks. The claim is nonsense. Journalists are also publishing that these were obtained by ‘hacking’ with no evidence that this was the method used to obtain them.”

This is bombshell information that proves both the legitimacy of the WikiLeaks emails and that the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with the exposure of the information. Murray’s statement demolishes the spin of the Clinton campaign used to deflect from the fact they have engaged in unethical and criminal activity.

Murray called the manipulation of and collusion with the Democrat Party machinery by the Clinton team to be “a matter of great public interest.” He characterized the coordinated efforts against the Sanders campaign as “deliberate” and “unfair,” declaring that they were meant – exclusively – to ensure Clinton’s victory over.

Addressing the attempts to scapegoat the Russians for a “hack,” Murray said that from the mainstream media on up to the Oval Office, attempts to “divert attention” from the unethical and criminal acts executed by the Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party, repeated ad nauseum without any investigation, is a disgrace.

Calling the notion that we must automatically “pretend Hillary Clinton is a saint” emetic – defined as causing someone to vomit, Murry said WikiLeaks has done a “great service” by making plain the collusive and unethical relationship between the Clintons and the huge-money political influencers of Wall Street.

But Murray wasn’t done opening the eyes of the public to the deceptive practices of both the Clintons and the mainstream media. He explained that the information WikiLeaks has published doesn’t emanate from a “hack,” as has been contended.

“The key point is that WikiLeaks is a publisher. It is a vehicle for publishing leaks, and is much more of a vehicle for whistleblowers than for hackers,” Murray explained. “It does not originate the material.”

This means that the information WikiLeaks is publishing is coming from inside the Democrat/Clinton apparatus! The emails being provided to WikiLeaks about the Clintons, the Democrat National Committee and the Obama Administration are coming from a leakinside the Clinton machine!

I have no doubt that the mainstream media will continue to tout the false narrative being shopped by the Clintons and their sycophant operatives that this information is courtesy of a Russian hack. But if enough of us make an effort to get this information to the public, their deflections will fail and Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be fatally wounded.

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