Alpha Female Sarah Palin Chews Out Disloyal GOPs With 8 Vicious Words About “Locker Room Talk”


Sarah Palin is sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s pathetic smears against Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. She’s extra sick of the fact that establishment Republicans are trying to take down our party’s nominee, too.

Said Sarah on Facebook, “Give me a break. Hillary feigns outrage over Trump’s locker room trash talk (it IS trash – however, as a former sports reporter I’ve heard much worse in locker rooms. I kinda think Hill has too.”

Don’t you agree? Palin was just getting started. She added: “If not, she needs to close her virgin ears and just wish away her participation in extremely crude conversations and activities wherein she’s caught on tape). Hills calls Trump’s tone “horrific”. Amazingly, based on complicit silence, here are things Hillary DOESN’T find “horrific” (hat tip commenters on *Her own husband’s affairs, rape, abusing his power with young interns, humiliating and discrediting victims ad nauseam; *Cops murdered with Black Lives Matters activists taking side with the killers”

She had more: “*The ISIS sex slave industry; *Genital female mutilation by Muslims; *Americans left to die in Benghazi at the hands of US backed terrorists; *Americans murdered and/or raped by illegal aliens and “refugees” (she still wants open borders!); *Various terrorist attacks; *ISIS torturing and murdering their captured by horrendous methods that make water boarding look like a walk in the park; *ISIS and Al Queda throwing homosexuals off roofs of buildings just for being who they are; *Snuffing life out of innocent babies just inches from being born.” Do you agree with Sarah?