America is P*ssed at SICK Thing Obama Did to Donald Trump Right Before Yesterday’s Meeting!


Top news yesterday was the arrival of the elected-president Mr. Donald Trump in the White House. The new resident according to the tradition and protocol was supposed to be welcomed very warm from the hosts. That is an act that shows political correctness, responsibility, maturity and respect. BUT, Obama showed once again what is he made of! Horrifying!


Barack Obama has no class what-so-ever. He was nothing but a coke loving blow hard when he was younger, and now America’s worst President decided to pull one last dirty trick on Donald Trump right before their historic meeting yesterday.

It’s a long-standing tradition that the outgoing US President and First Lady take a picture with the President-Elect and new First lady during their first meeting. It shows our country uniting as one.

Well, dirty Obama decided he was just too damn good to take a picture with President Trump. So he went ahead and CANCELLED the photo-op just moments before Trump arrived!

Liberty Writers News investigated this case and you can see upfront how the post begins revealing what kind of person Obama is. And it continues:

You know what, that’s totally fine Obama. You go ahead and act like a little cry baby and try to divide the country even more than you already have.

President Trump will fix all the crap you caused and make sure Americans never remember you for anything other than making ISIS and costing us TRILLIONS!

In fact, let me show you exactly how classless he was. Just take a look at President Bush taking a picture with the Obamas DESPITE Obama attacking him Brutally in the election:

This right here is a textbook example of classic liberal hypocrisy. Bush knew the importance of Unity, Barack Obama hates it.So let’s all give a big thank you to Donald Trump for taking this rude hit like a champ and being respectful and professional the entire meeting. It’s good we finally have a president we can be proud of.

Now we see with real eyes and we finally realize who is who! The man that ruled our country for so long presents that he is nothing but impatient, rude and maybe evil a little. America should have a strong man with high level attitude, instead of people who give hits under the belt in so incorrect ways. But nobody cares, he is gone. What would you like to tell Obama for goodbye?! COMMENT AND SHARE ! STOP BEING IGNORANT, SPREAD THE NEWS, BE A PATRIOT !