America has Spoken! VP Debate Polls Show Voters Have Picked Their Next Vice President!


The Vice Presidential debate was entertaining to say the least. Like the Presidential debate, the moderator allowed the Democratic candidate to interrupt the Republican candidate.

Kaine, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, did not feel bound by time limits, and he interrupted Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as many as 70+ times by the count of the Republican National Committee.

Kaine attempted to direct every question back to Trump’s tax returns, but the move back fired…BIG TIME.

CBS News’ Frank Luntz pointed out that Kaine’s interruptions scored poorly with a focus group of 26 undecided voters in Ohio. At one point, Luntz tweeted out that Pence was doing well because he was able to debate “like an adult without interruptions,” particularly during an exchange on taxes and the economy.

Pence stayed focused even when Kaine was hammering him with ridiculous lies and conspiracy theories about Trump. Pence refused to take the bait and instead articulated his vision for the American people. Where Kaine appeared petty, Pence appeared steady.

According to polls, even from liberal leaning sites, Mike Pence dominated the debate.

 Drudge– Pence 96%  Kaine 4%

Heavy– Pence 72%  Kaine 24%

Washington Times Pence 80%  Kaine 17%

Mediaite– Pence 73% Kaine 26%

CNN– Pence 48%   Kaine 42%

The State Journal– Pence 88%  Kaine 12%

 Fox 5 San Diego – Pence 87%  Kaine 11%

 Fox 8 Cleveland– Pence 82%  Kaine 16%

Hollywood Gossip– Pence 86% Kaine 13%

WHNT 19 News– Pence 71%  Kaine 28%

Metro US– Pence 95%   Kaine 4%


It’s clear that America has made their choice!

H/T LibertyWritersNews