Americans Responded to Jennifer Lopez’s Attempt to Overthrow President Trump


Very often we use the need to remind you on the double standards and hypocrisy of the liberal elites and the celebrities who don’t know how to deal with the ultimate pressure from their globalist masters.

Their orders are simple- hate Donald Trump and makes sure everybody hates him. The liberal celebrities from Hollywood are very often used by the top liberal elitists to use their power and influence to discredit the President of the United States. Sounds stupid, right?

On the other hand, the liberal celebrities are hypocrites. Jennifer Lopez and her buddies said that they see a nice opportunity for Omar Navarro and the young latino-Americans in Los Angeles to take over the most important positions in the leadership of the city and representing the state and the counties in D.C.

However, they are so pathetic. Most of the Latinos in LA ARE TRUMP SUPPORTERS! Why? Because of freedom and justice. Those people are hardworking Americans who did everything legally and they were compatible with the visa requirements ( or their parents back in the time), so they deserve everything equally like every other American.

The immigration makes our country beautiful and it’s unseparated part of our history, but we’re talking about LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Digression from the topic. The celebrities from Hollywood are, actually, big haters. They are not interested in what’s really happening to the common people, but they simply follow the “mainstream rules”.

The mainstream media celebrities became just a tool in the hands of the gigantic corporations. That’s so sad…

Look what hypocrite liberal Jennifer Lopez did at this year’s Grammys and the analysis will leave you breathless:

Ah… Poor J-Lo… All of these people cheering in the audience are nothing but the ones who don’t believe a single word you say. Do you know why? Because most of them are getting PAID just like you to speak nonsense on daily basis.

The media is DEFEATED. Great analysis in this video, I have to admit.

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