Ann Coulter Confronted Joy Behar On Her Show The View

WOW! The mainstream media is MOST CERTAINLY surviving the worst week in their history. The gigantic media corporations are no longer as powerful as they thought they are. In fact, they are weaker than ever after everybody, even some of their own, realized that their ‘fake-news’ humiliation rhetoric is devastating for our nation. Ann Coulter once again proved that she is able to ‘punish’ every liberal loudmouth with the ‘might’ of the WORD!

Ann Coulter appeared on an episode of ‘The View’ and she crushed the ladies well. They actually started by showing admitting that Coulter SHOULD be allowed to speak at Berkeley college. However, it soon became nasty. “We believe in free speech here,” Joy Behar told Coulter.

Even Whoopi Goldberg agreed. “Berkeley, you made a mistake, man. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. That’s the law,” said Goldberg. But then the pleasantries ended. They began attacking President Trump for failing ‘in the polls’. “I think polls, apparently, don’t work in the age of Trump,” responded Coulter.

The started attacking President Trump’s tax plan. “It’s clear, when you try to read it, it could save corporations trillions of dollars, which would directly benefit the Trump family and Trump’s businesses. Does that at all bother you, and does it bother you we haven’t seen his tax papers?” asked View host Sunny Hostin.

Coulter began to talk about how she isn’t bothered by President Trump refusing to release his taxes. She started talking about President Trump screwing with the press. “I think he enjoys driving the press crazy,” said Coulter.


“If anything, the people love him too much, and are not complaining when he doesn’t keep his promises,” said Coulter. Whoopi screamed more about why President Trump’s numbers might be low. “Maybe it’s all the people who he called rapists and murderers,” said Whoopi. “They’re not Americans!” responded Coulter. Check out the video below. (start at 17:20)

H/T Conservative101

It was a real pleasure to watch the show. Joy Behar and her harpies should finally learn their lesson. Don’t you think? The liberal media is slowly but surely losing the battle with the patriotic anti-media. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU FEEL PROUD WITH ANN COULTER AS A REAL CONSERVATIVE TRIBUNE!