Ann Coulter Destroys Jonathan Karl Live On ABC

There is a WAR between the Mainstream Media and the ANTI-Media. The peoples of the USA witness the heavy clash between the lies and the truth. Donald Trump is one of the few politicians and high-ranked officials that fights on the right side, but the elites and the corps. of Washington’s swamp bite really hard.

However, the nation knows what’s worthy and the battle will soon be decided. Look how bravely Ann Coulter defended her honor and the patriotic values against snake Jonathan Karl:

Ann Coulter has been the center of a huge controversy. All she wanted to do was give a speech at a college she was invited to, and now liberals are debating whether or not Ann Coulter has a right to free speech. ABC’s Jonathan Karl tried challenging Coulter by pointing out controversial things she’s said in the past. But she crushed him.

“But, Ann — the reaction of students at a place like Berkeley can’t surprise you given some of the things you have said,” said Karl. He went on to read the list he came up with. “You have said that getting rid of women’s right to vote is a personal fantasy. You said of one group of 9/11 widows and I quote, ‘I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much,’” said Karl.

“And then there was the tweet that you put out just the day before the election, saying, ‘If only people with at least four grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win in a 50-state landslide,” said Karl.

COULTER: “OK. Let’s just take that one. We can go through all the greatest hits of much of my commentary. I watch roughly 24 hours a day, ‘the Hispanic vote’, ‘the Hispanic vote’, ‘the Hispanic vote” she said. She went on to describe how liberals constantly predict how certain groups of people will vote.

“I describe one demographic and say how it would come out. And that’s hate speech? Why isn’t it hate speech to keep telling me how Hispanics are going to vote? What you’re talking about are rhetorical flourishes. And I don’t know, maybe you guys think you are smarter than the Founding Fathers. But they did not put an asterisk on the First Amendment,” said Coulter.

H/T Conservative101

Ann Coulter, you are absolutely right! The liberal OPPRESSORS want to silence us all. They can not- the freedom spirit of this nation is INVULNERABLE! Ann Coulter, we stand with you- the constitution is on your side and those snakes can not stop you from telling the truth!