Ann Coulter Lectured Whoopi Goldberg On The View

Ann Coulter had an amazing appearance in The View. The liberal talk show turned into a horrible nightmare for Joy Behar first, but  Whoopi Goldberg felt the POWER of Ann Coulter’s intelligence and knowledge after she devastated the liberal loudmouth in an incredible way. Read more below and watch the epic video:


Raw Story reported that things got heated when Coulter started defending Trump and explaining to Whoopi and her fellow hosts that he is not a liar. Joy Behar got the ball rolling by floating her ridiculous theory that Trump attacks the media so much because eventually he’ll be caught in a scandal, perhaps the problems with Russia, and he wants his supporters to think it’s “fake news.”

“I mean, of all of the things to attack Trump on,” Coulter said to Behar, laughing. “He isn’t attacking the media he’s attacking the fake media. There are so many lies about him.”

“Like CNN?” Behar cut in.

“He attacks the New York Times. He attacks all the media,” co-host Sunny Hostin agreed.

“Right, all the fake news,” Coulter said.

“Are you talking about all news or about fake news in general? Because he has lied quite a bit,” Whoopi interjected.

“Well, he doesn’t lie, he’s more of a–” Coulter began.

“Ann Coulter!” Goldberg interrupted. “He does lie.”

“He lied one time,” Coulter said. “No, he doesn’t lie. He’s a BSer. He’s an exaggerator. When he says ‘everyone’s rated this golf course as the greatest golf course in the world.’ OK, the audience doesn’t believe it. He doesn’t believe it. He knows they don’t believe it. But everyone feels nice. That’s what he does. But he doesn’t lie. Hillary lies.”

Having no argument to fire back with, Whoopi began to laugh, exposing herself as the ignorant fool that she is.

H/T Truth Monitor

This woman is SIMPLY AMAZING. Ann Coulter defended the conservatives’ pride into the ‘monsters’ den. The left ALWAYS loses on arguments, they are unintelligent and obviously paid to trash the President and the conservative ideology that is the only solution to bring our country back on the right track.