Anti-Trump Late Night Comedians Get Even More BAD NEWS About Their Ratings & You’ll Love It


The anti-Trump rants on the late-night shows are something that has become a real habit to all Trump hating celebrities and hosts who just don’t want to quit with their verbal attacks against Donald Trump, his family, his administration, his reform etc. However, the nation is sick and tired of it, or at least, that’s what the fact say. Read the report below:

Late night hosts Stephen Colbert recently joked about the president’s “feeble, fucking anemic firefly of a soul.” And Vice President Mike Pence was also a target of Seth Meyers, who teased that he was somehow “already sunburned” before his visit to devastated Puerto Rico. Jimmy Kimmel also failed to sit this one out, lectured all week long about everything from mental health, to healthcare and gun control.

But many people failed to capture all of these moments since they know for a fact, that the same old jokes keep repeating again and again, and the viewership ratings have started declining faster than ever before. Late night show has started slipping more and more while America is laughing at Twitter and visiting Social Media sites. According to Ben Domenech of The Federalist, the late-night viewership of ABC, CBS, as well as NBC, barely broke 8 million viewers, when not long ago, NBC’s Jay Leno was bringing in 6 million viewers just on his own.

But despite the fact that millennials spend more time on the Internet and avoid watching TV, especially late at night, The Washington Examiner reveals, Sean Hannity still managed to average 3.5 million viewers and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, 2.65 million just last week. This, of course, points out to a whole other thing, hinting that maybe these leftist hosts should stop with their same old anti-Trump jokes and focus on actually what’s important for their job – making people laugh.

H/T USANewsFlash

Interesting information, we must agree. Sean Hannity and the conservative media as a whole is getting more and more popular by the day, and not because of an expensive advertisement or strong political propaganda, but just because the nation is frustrated and can’t keep on listening to the same old jokes over and over again. On the other hand, Americans are also pissed off because they want to have FUN watching television shows, not listening to the same liberal record on repeat. Late night shows are supposed to make you laugh, not to piss you off. Share this story if you agree.