As Anti-Trump Riots Destroy Our Country, Obama Encourages Them To ‘Not Stay Silent’ [VIDEO]


After and during every important event, since the history of humanity, the society gives reaction and spread it’s voice. That is democracy. When you do not accept the voice of the people,when there is no law and order, that is anarchy!

All over the country there has been huge protests and riots about the people electing Donald Trump. They have burned things, Trump supporters have been beaten and horribly injured. You would think in a time like this the president might try to calm everyone down. Instead he encouraged more people to protest!

“One of the great things about our democracy is it expresses itself in all sorts of ways. And that includes people protesting,” started Obama.( Well said, but there is difference between protesting and vandalism)

“I’ve been the subject of protests during the course of my eight years. And I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that at some point hasn’t been subject to these protests. So I would not advise people would feel strongly or are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn’t advise them to be silent,” he said.

“What I would advise, what I advised before the election and what I will continue to advise after the election is that elections matter.”

“Voting matters. Organizing matters. Being informed on the issues matter. And what I consistently say to young people, I say it in the United States, but I’ll say it here in Germany and across Europe, do not take for granted our systems of government and our way of live,” said Obama. Do I sense a Trump/Hitler analogy in there? Wow Obama. Check out the video below.

Obama, your time is over! You can not change anything anymore! Your dear protesters can waste some more time on the streets, face charges, end up in jail.

via Conservative101