Badly Injured Iraqi War Hero Leaves Trump Campaign Speechless With STUNNING Message


44-year-old Iraqi war hero Staff. Sgt Bobby Henline has an incredibly story that went viral not too long ago. Henline suffered devastating burns and almost lost his life while on a mission north of Baghdad in 2007.

Now, Henline is making headlines once again in his endorsement of Donald Trump and his offer to be a foreign policy adviser to him.

“I would definitely advise Mr. Trump,” the veteran claimed. “A good leader doesn’t have to know everything. Nobody knows everything. That’s why you surround yourself with people who are experts in different areas. That’s what makes a good leader. Someone who can motivate the people like that.”

Henline then went on to express his support of Trump’s suggestion to use waterboarding tactics as well.

“Trump is aggressive and that is good,” Henline commented. “In war, you have to do things you wouldn’t normally do in life.”

This is coming from a man who travels the country to perform stand-up comedy so that he can raise money for veterans and increase awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder. Now, he wants to see a leader in the White House who will help take ISIS down once and for all.

“We definitely need boots on the ground,” he concluded. “I know they say we kicked out Saddam Hussein then lost control of the country and that’s how ISIS was able to get in. But you’ve got to keep fighting. It takes time to win the hearts and minds.”

What do you think of Henline’s comments?