Barack Obama Came out With Another DISTURBING Announcement – THIS IS NOT GOOD…

OBAMA IS PART OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER! THIS GUY IS PART OF THE LIBERAL ELITE THAT TENDS TO DESTROY THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Actually, our former president went in Scotland to make his CONTRIBUTION to one of the SICKEST foundations in the entire world.

Of course, this organization is very popular among the Hollywood elites, and they will “sell you” some “NOBLE AGENDA” story, but trust me- the BIG EYE WATCHES- Obama comes back and his “fellows” stand alongside him.

Barack Hussein Obama has stayed largely out of the public eye ever since he left the White House. While millions of us were hoping he’d stay quiet forever, Obama dashed these hopes this week when he plans to travel to Scotland next month for a speaking engagement.

CNN reported that former President Obama will be speaking with business leaders in Edinburgh at a charity event hosted by The Hunter Foundation. Set up by businessman and philanthropist Tom Hunter, The Hunter Foundation has worked with many charities, including the Clinton Foundation.

“We’re always looking for really inspiring speakers to come along to Scotland, and really inspire and inform,” Hunter told the UK Press Association. “To be able to get President Obama, we’re really chuffed.”It should come as no surprise that Obama chose this particular event as the place where he would make his return, as The Hunter Foundation is especially popular among the Hollywood elite. Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney have previously spoken at The Hunter Foundation’s events, as has former President Bill Clinton.

H/T Truth Monitor

Let me tell you something… Recently, Rockefeller died. The mainstream media PRAISED him as a big philanthropist, human rights activists etc.PURE BULLSH*T ! ! They also call George Soros philanthropist, donor, and human right activist.