Barack Obama Makes DESPICABLE Announcement About Christmas! Patriots Are FURIOUS!


Barack Obama is the ultimate evil in this country. That is for sure! We saw hundreds of post and videos in the past 8 years where Obama openly shows his Illuminati agenda. He is completely rotten and corrupted. It is pretty obvious how far he goes with his accusations and stupid statements.

One of the worst thing he does on daily basis is destroying the American spirit. He brags all the time about something called political correctness. According to this philosophy, Obama never said Merry Christmas, and also he tends to set new standards in the American life. He is so sick that he compared himself with the almighty God!

In the disturbing video above, Obama has the nerve to say that the story of Jesus is much like the story of his own. Here’s a partial transcript of what he had to say:

It’s the story of hope. The birth of a singular child into the simplest of circumstances. A child, who would grow up to live a life of humility and kindness and compassion, who traveled with a message of empathy and understanding. Who taught us to care for the poor and the marginalized and those, who are different from ourselves. And more than two millennia later, the way he lived still compels us to do our best to build a more just and tolerant and decent world.

H/T TruthMonitor

On the other hand, our new president is a real Christian. He follows the real christian values and he is an honest and decent man, a real american patriot! As long as we have Donald Trump in the White House we are free to be Christians in the real meaning of the word.