IT HAS BEGUN: Sessions Starts a War With WH Leakers, and This Is Who Is Afraid The Most


Jeff Session is officially going to war! The White House leaker who dared to disrespect and disgrace not the President only, but the entire nation, are now dealing with JUSTICE.

The Attorney General pulled the strings and now the leakers should decide if they’re going to protect their MASTERS for whom they’ve been doing the dirty leaks, or they’re going to reveal the truth and try to save themselves.

Two days ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the DOJ is starting a battle against the culture of leaking that has been happening ever since President Trump took charge.

According to recent reports, Sessions revealed that leaks of classified national security information to the media, and in some cases to foreign adversaries, have “exploded” in the first six months of the Trump administration.

In the first six months of this administration, DOJ has already received nearly as many criminal referrals involving unauthorized disclosures of classified information as we received in the last three years combined,” Sessions said at a press conference.

Soon after I arrived here in February, I initiated a review of our leak investigations and prosecutions,” Sessions said. “I reviewed how these cases were being referred and handled and was concerned with what we found — too few referrals, too few investigations with insufficient resources dedicated to them.”

Sessions said he has taken the necessary steps to investigate and prosecute referrals of suspected leaks to the DOJ.

The attorney general announced that the DOJ has already charged four individuals with “unlawfully disclosing classified material or of concealing contacts with foreign intelligence officers.”

He also announced three changes he has made to the system to combat the damaging leaks.

First, Sessions has directed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray to “oversee all classified leak investigations and actively monitor the progress of each and every case.”

Second, Sessions has directed the National Security Division and U.S. Attorneys to “prioritize cases involving unauthorized disclosures.”

“The Department will not hesitate to bring lawful and appropriate criminal charges against those who abuse the nation’s trust,” Sessions said.

Third, Sessions announced the DOJ has “tripled the number of active leak investigations.” In response to the new influx of cases, the FBI has created a new counterintelligence unit to manage the cases, he said.

Sessions also said he was also actively looking into reviewing policies affecting media subpoenas at the recommendation of career investigators and prosecutors experienced in going after leakers.

“We respect the important role that the press plays and will give them respect, but it is not unlimited. They cannot place lives at risk with impunity. We must balance their role with protecting our national security and the lives of those who serve in our intelligence community, the armed forces, and all law-abiding Americans,” Sessions said.

Sessions said the steps he’s taken are necessary to “end the culture of leaks.”

“We will investigate and seek to bring criminals to justice. We will not allow rogue anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country any longer,” he said.

Sessions’ announcement came just a day after The Washington Post published leaked transcripts of Trump’s phone calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

The attorney general said the U.S. government cannot be effective when its officials are unable to discuss sensitive matters with foreign leaders due to fear of undisclosed leaks.

“Just yesterday, we saw reports in the media about conversations the president had with foreign leaders. No one is entitled to surreptitiously fight their battles in the media by revealing sensitive government information. No government can be effective when its leaders cannot discuss sensitive matters in confidence or to talk freely in confidence with foreign leaders,” Sessions said.

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Either way, the liberal menaces are going to have problems, serious problems with the DOJ. Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice and the rest of this gang are most certainly collaborating with the fake news factories.

First the LEAKERS, then THE SOURCES. All of them- BEHIND BARS!

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