Beloved Hollywood Actor Passes Away Suddenly – Americans in Mourning

One big actor passed away. There is only one thing that we can not choose in life, and that’s death. Death always comes and sometimes we have to say goodbye to our idols and wish them a good trip to Heaven. Roger Smith, Rest In Peace!

Hollywood is in mourning today after Roger Smith, best known for bringing glamour to the TV detective genre as a hip private eye on “77 Sunset Strip,” passed away on Sunday. He was 84 years-old.

H/T Patriot Beacon

This is so hard for Ann-Margret. Let’s send her our thoughts and prayers to help her get over this heavy loss. Share this post and pray for her. This beloved actor was a real professional and a gentle person. Rest in peace, Mr. Smith, you did a great job here, now you go to a better place…