BIG PATRIOT Toby Keith Just Got Hit With TERRIBLE NEWS – He Needs Your Support


The mainstream media with all the negativity and frustration brings nothing good for the people of the USA. In these hard times , as our President advice says, we have to stay united and strong. That is how you build a strong nation with safe and secure future. Toby Keith has a good message for the liberal celebrities in Hollywood- read more below:

Liberal Hollywood celebrities and other people in the entertainment industry claim to be “tolerant” and open-minded,” but somehow this all changes when confronted with points of view that do not exactly match their own.

A truly open-minded entertainer such as country superstar Toby Keith should be commended for how he stood up for our country and performed at President Donald Trump’s inauguration, but now he is being punished by liberals in a sickening way.

According to reports, Keith was scheduled to perform at a concert in Naperville, Illinois called Ribfest, but the organizers of the show may cave to deranged liberal protesters and cancel Keith’s appearance at the concert because liberals are angry at him for performing for Trump.

Said one local liberal, who was upset about the organizers’ decision to book the universally popular Keith, “In the current political climate, it seemed overtly polarizing and political. It would have been short-sighted for them to not expect this reaction.”

Keith himself was outspoken about his commitment to America and open dialogue in our polarized country. Said Keith about singing at Trump’s inauguration, “I don’t apologize for performing for our country or military. I performed at events for previous presidents [George W.] Bush and [Barack] Obama and over 200 shows in Iraq and Afghanistan for the USO.” Do you think it’s sickening that liberals are trying to punish Toby Keith for playing at the inauguration?

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