BIG PATRIOT Trey Gowdy Issues an URGENT WARNING To James Comey Of What’s Coming To Him [VIDEO]


Trey Gowdy had an awesome interview on Fox News, and trust me, his words are reasonable and trustworthy. Gowdy sent warning both to the nation and James Comey. Gowdy calls for patience and sanity, unity and hard work as a solution to fix the political mess.

Gowdy demanded professional and strong investigation, with professional FBI team, that is going to prosecute whoever is guilty in the huge political/intelligence scandals. According to Gowdy, Comey is just another witness and he needs help.

Trey Gowdy commented on the alleged connections between the Trump administration and Russia. He urged the the public to “keep an open mind” about sensationalistic media reports that think that there is proof of Trump colluding with Russia.

He also commented on the House and how bad they are at investigations. “The House is not equipped to investigate allegations of crime. Congress does have a role to play in this investigation, but we don’t investigate crime because we’re not very good at it,” said Gowdy.

He brought up an even bigger issue. The illegal press leaks coming from the intelligence community.
“The leaks are super-important, but folks in the media might re-calibrate the importance of these issues. The leaks are both illegal and deleterious to our national security, so I’m really interested in how this got out,” said Gowdy.

Then he moved onto the possibility of Obama wiretapping Trump and whether Comey knew about it. He had a brutal warning for Comey. “I have an interesting and rich history with Director Comey. He has an incredibly hard job. I’m probably biased toward the FBI, based on my background,” started Gowdy.

“He’s not infallible. He’s a witness like every other witness: He’s going to be examined, he’s going to be cross-examined. He’s going to be tested, he’s going to be probed. And ultimately, you and your viewers will be able to determine whether or not he is credible and believable,” said Gowdy. Check out the interview below.

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According to me, the viewers already decided if Comey is capable for his job or not. Comey always protected the liberals, let’s be honest. He was always ignorant, except for the Republicans. We shall see what’s going to happen with James Comey.