Biggest Lie About Trump Proven FALSE Just In Time For The Election… ‘It Never Happened…’

The ridiculous story that Donald Trump has offended a New York Times’ reporter has been quickly dropped in a recent report. It was also stated that Trump had nothing to do with the claims the reporter was incompetent.
This first happened in November when Donal Trump quoted the reporter Serge Kovaleski that on September 11, 2001 a large group of Muslims celebrated the terrorist attack at the World Trade Centar.

VIA Western Journalism

Kovaleski contradicted Trump, saying his report noted a few people celebrating, but not the numbers cited by Trump. Trump then criticized the reporter for his work.

However, in the course of his comments on the reporter made during a South Carolina rally, Trump was then attacked for allegedly using hand gestures to mock Kovaleski, who suffers from a joint abnormality. Trump has denied that accusation.

“Today, most people simply assume the story is true. Trump’s supporters factor it in as one of the things they can’t defend about him, while Trump’s critics cite it as Exhibit A for his awfulness. … That’s how widespread and universally accepted this story is,” wrote Dan Calabrese on CainTV.

“And it’s a total lie. It never happened. Donald Trump did not mock a Serge Kovaleski’s disability. He did not,” contended Calabrese. 

The website Catholics4Trump found the basis for Calabrese’s claim.

Trump was criticized for mimicking the reporter’s movements. However, the clip of Trump while talking about the report shows that Trump’s movements were not at all similar to the way the reporters arms work due to his disability.

Although the news media widely publicized two still images of Trump and the reporter with their hands in the same pose, the video of Trump as he spoke shows there are no similarities.

While Trump did in fact wave his hands in odd gestures, further research found Trump had used the same hand gestures, as shown in the video, while referring to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas and Cruz’s attitude towards waterboarding.

He also used them while discussing other topics at the same rally where he was accused of mocking the reporter.

The video “doesn’t just prove the ‘mocking a disabled reporter’ charge is patently false, it also explains how and why this fiction was created, and who had an interest in making sure it was widely believed,” Calabrese wrote.

Calabrese noted that his purpose in debunking the video was so voters know the truth and not simply buy into what the media has fed them.

” … if you’re not voting for Trump because you just generally think he’s a rude, vulgar guy, maybe you should be questioning how much of the evidence for that belief is actually reliable,” he wrote.

“What else have you just assumed was the truth . . . that may not have been?” he added.

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