Bill Maher Humiliated Elizabeth Warren Live On TV

Bill Maher brutalized Elizabeth Warren. This nasty liberal got literally embarrassed in front of the entire auditorium. Nobody likes this woman, after all… She proved to be a real genius when it comes to stealing taxpayers’ money, but she is not able to handle a single argument. Classy liberal…

Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren was put to shame Friday night by Bill Maher, and he did it right to her face.

Warren appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and the two were discussing President Donald Trump’s supporters, who are pushing back against the Washington elite, including her.

“They don’t like you, Pocahontas,” he said jokingly, to which the audience laughed.

Warren was speechless.

For a split second, the senator looked as if she wanted to punch Maher for having the nerve to make call her a name — especially that one — which has gained popularity because of Trump.

However, she did not take the bait, kept her composure and let the remark slide, while she attempted to prattle on about her ridiculous progressive agenda.

You can see the exchange here, with the pertinent part coming just after the 6:30 mark:

This moment had to be humiliating for Warren for several reasons, but one of the most significant is the fact that one of her own would call her this name to her face. Warren was probably fairly certain that by appearing on Maher’s show, she would be relatively safe zone, but she was wrong.

Moreover, the audience, one that would be primarily liberal given the fact that they are attending Maher’s show, thought the remark was funny.

That is just too bad for Warren because it appears that she has been branded — in the worst way possible.

Warren’s alleged Native American heritage first became controversial in 2012 when it became known that she had listed herself as a minority early in her career. During his presidential campaign, Trump did not let the issue of Warren’s claims die and has more than once referred to the senator as Pocahontas.

By the looks of it, this little nickname isn’t going away, and that must anger the senator because it takes attention away from her liberal spiel.

H/T Conservative Tribune

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to see this liberal harpy embarrassed. It is enjoyable because she is a mean person, who wants to MOCK other people, and KARMA comes fast. America is awake. Nobody likes to watch those “progressive” lies- we want the TRUTH! And the truth is that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t deserve to be a representative of anybody in the USA except herself. And she represents herself really bad, by the way…