Bill O’Reilly Just Crushed Closet Lib Megyn Kelly With BRUTAL News, She Could Get Fired Now


The Kelly File host Megyn Kelly on Fox News is a craven opportunist. She decided to play up the “dissenter” role in this year’s Presidentila election.

As plenty of hard evidence has indicated, Megyn is on the payroll of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Her behavior in this year’s election has certainly borne that out.

During the primaries, she singled out candidate Donald Trump out for particularly harsh scrutiny. During the election’s final phase, she has been using her program as a pulpit to espouse her biased pro-Hillary ideas.

Well, guess what? The American people are not buying it. Trump’s many supporters have staged a boycott of Megyn’s pro-Hillary propaganda program, which has resulted in an epic freefall in Kelly’s ratings.

Megyn used to do a commendable job of retaining viewers from its lead-in The O’Reilly Report. But now, there’s a dip of nearly 30% from O’Reilly to Kelly. Worse yet, she’s now getting consistently beaten in her own time slot by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Do you think Megyn Kelly will last much longer at Fox News?