Bill O’Reilly Just Crushed Megyn Kelly For Trying To Make A Name For Herself At Trump’s Expense [Video]


Election struggle is being noticed in every segment of our society. The people around the world and especially in the USA witnessed how arrogant the multimedia and some media employees can be. Now, Conservative101 reports about one big ,,clash”, or to be more specific Mr. Bill O’Relly puts Megyn Kelly in place. Read the post in addition and don’t forget to watch the video bellow:

Megyn Kelly was devastated after her goddess Hillary lost the election. O’Reilly had some strong words against the way she acted during this election and how it will affect her.

While he didn’t say her name specifically, it was obvious that he was talking about her. “Distrust of the media is at an all-time high in the U.S.A.,” started O’Reilly.

“So when left wing zealots masquerading as journalists pounded Trump without mercy voters grew numb to it,” he continued.

“Some of that even happened on this network as a few commentators tried to make names for themselves at Trump’s expense,” he said.

He continued bashing the journalists who did this. “So the press actually helped Donald Trump win the election, how ironic,” he said. Watch the full video HERE.

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