Bill O’Reilly Just Handed Glenn Beck His Ass Over Trump, Then Made An Epic Threat That Terrified Him


Radio host Glenn Beck and Fox News show host Bill O’Reilly recently clashed on The O’Reilly Factor over Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. O’Reilly is a vocal Trump supporter, while Beck has drawn ire from Republicans for being vehemently opposed to Trump.

Here’s what Beck had to say about Trump:

“He just made Steve Bannon the CEO of his campaign, and he is one of the dirtiest and nastiest human beings alive. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to recognize bad guys – he also hired Paul Manifort, who might wind up in jail because he was funneling money to a pro-Russian group in Ukraine. Trump has people chanting, ‘Put them in jail, put them in jail.’ This guy is a nightmare! There are choices other than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.”

Countered O’Reilly, cutting Beck down to size:

“Come on, Beck. You’re throwing stuff against the wall, you don’t have any evidence to put the man in jail — and you know you don’t. … If you keep saying this stuff, you might end up in jail.”

Many have noted that Beck’s views have gotten increasingly paranoid over the past few years. It’s great that a sensible Republican like Bill O’Reilly was able to straighten him out. What do you think of Glenn Beck’s rant?