Bill O’Reilly Just Told Trump One Secret Way To Crush Hillary In The Debates, Will Trump Use It?


There are many people who believe in Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump and want him to succeed in the Presidential Debates against Hillary Clinton. Washington insider Hillary has the advantage when it comes to be a slick, smooth-talking political pro. Trump, however, speaks from the heart and tells it like it is. Top people have been training with Trump hard to maximize his effectiveness.

One of the key people who is serving as a coach for Trump is expert media communicator Bill O’Reilly. He just confided to Trump that Hillary’s single biggest vulnerability is her total sham of a marriage to infamous philanderer Bill Clinton. The biased liberal media has long given Hillary a pass when it comes to her scandal-filled marriage, but O’Reilly told Trump that the time to play nice is over.

Trump is still livid about how Hillary’s cronies in the biased media tried to smear him about his marriage. Explained Trump, “The New York Times wrote a story about women and the women called the office and said, ‘We never said that about Donald Trump. We really like him. He’s really good,’” he continued. “They quoted women and they never even said it. It was on the front page, centerfold, massive big color picture. It was disgraceful. They are so dishonest – I’ll tell you what. There is nobody that respects women more than Donald Trump.” Do you think Trump should play nice with Hillary, or take O’Reilly’s advice and take the gloves off?