Bill O’Reilly Unloads On Stupid Dems With 3 Reasons Why ISIS Wants Hillary To Win


The consensus among both journalists and the viewing public, Republican and Democrat alike, is that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton utterly failed during her interview with Matt Lauer at NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum. It was a good preview of what Hillary would be like as an actual Commander-in-Chief, and the results weren’t pretty!

She seemed tense and nervous (as she should have seemed) when Lauer peppered her with questions about her various email cover-ups. It was great that Lauer didn’t let her off the hook for these, and we can only hope Lauer shows the same surprising journalistic fairness in the Presidential Debate he’s moderating in coming weeks.

Bill O’Reilly watched the Forum with interest, and had some harsh words for Clinton, which he shared as part of his Talking Points Memo. He took particular offense to her statement that she could continue Obama’s strategy for fighting ISIS.

Opined O’Reilly, “I’m sure the ISIS savages were happy to hear that. That means Secretary Clinton will essentially follow the Obama plan, which is the doctrine of  ‘acceptable losses,’ allowing the ISIS savages to retain strongholds in Iraq and Syria while at the same time trying to limit their destruction all over the world.” Added O’Reilly, “Big mistake, telling ISIS what you will or will not do to them.”

Do you agree with Bill about Hillary’s foolish plan?