Black Civil Rights LEGEND Drops The Ultimate Hammer About Conf. Statues, Liberals SHOCKED!


The African American people are not afraid to speak freely anymore! Famous African American leader decided to drop the truth bomb and get rid of all liberal loudmouths and BLM Antifa savages who want to prove some stupid things that don’t even exist. WHAT IS RACISM? Maybe we give this word mistaken meaning these days.

As Atlanta’s first African-American mayor and a major player in the civil rights movement, you may expect Andrew Young to be in favor of tearing Confederate memorials down. However, in a statement that must have horrified race-baiters from coast to coast, Young said that his city had better things to do than worry about taking down statues.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Young made the remarks at a news conference earlier this week in which he endorsed Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell to be the next mayor..

The news conference came amid nationwide calls from liberal figures to tear down Confederate statues and memorials, including one from Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to remove a carving of three Confederate war figures — Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis — on Georgia’s Stone Mountain.

“We must never celebrate those who defended slavery and tried to destroy the union,” Abrams wrote on Twitter, saying that the monument “remains a blight on our state and should be removed.”

Young, a Democrat who was mayor of Atlanta from 1982 to 1990 and also served as a congressman and our ambassador to the United Nations under the Carter administration, disagreed.

“I think it’s too costly to refight the Civil War,” Young said. “We have paid too great a price in trying to bring people together.”

“I’ve always been interested more in substance over symbols,” Young said, adding that similar arguments could be made about the American flag.

“If the truth be known, we’ve had as much agony but also glory under the United States flag,” he said. “That flew over segregated America, it flew over slavery.”

Naturally, liberals were horrified.



Young’s argument that there are few historical symbols in this world that are of unalloyed historical good seems to have escaped the left, which is now moving from Confederate memorials to statues of men like Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Heck, they’ve already been going after Old Glory for quite some time now.

However, for those of us not in thrall to the far left, Young’s words should have resonance.

This is a man who has seen division unlike any most of us have ever experienced. He’s seen our nation’s history, including some of its darkest chapters — and he thinks that this needs to be preserved. There are far bigger issues in this country than tearing down statues. Statue removal will not solve the problems of the African-American community. As much as it these memorials may be a convenient scapegoat for leaders, erasing our history will do nothing to ameliorate race relations or provide opportunities for minorities.

It’s time for us to admit that.

H/T ConservativeTribune

What do you think about this? Do you agree with and support Andrew Young’s views? Well, he is a person who KNOWS what racism and bigotry really is, so he don’t need Soros to lecture him.

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