BLM’s Jaws Hit Floor With Thud When They Saw New Sign On KFC’s Door


Black Lives Matter is happening due to the liberals and the mainstream media. They gain support from them in order to make chaos on the streets. They disrespect anyone on their path and hate on the law enforcement.

They make chaos across America and ignore those who in fact really deserve support and respect. The ignorant liberals hire them to raise their voices and to promote violence on the streets by seeking justice.

As I previously mentioned, they hate the people from law enforcement and that is why one Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant has just put up a sign that has members of the Black Lives Matter movement absolutely outraged.

As customers enter one particular Kentucky Fried Chicken in Gallipolis, Ohio they have been greeted by a surprising sign posted to the front door of the restaurant reports USHerald.

However, the second customers saw this sign many of them took to social media straight away and decided to share the unexpected message.

Since then the sign has gone completely viral and has been receiving a lot of support from sane minded Americans and complete outrage from the members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The eye-opening sign posted on the front of the door so that no one would be able to miss the KFC’s message reads:

“All Uniformed Police Officers Eat Free Everyday All Day”

This sign has obviously been met with anger and outrage from the Black Lives Matter movement who hate the very people who put their lives on the line each and every day to keep them safe (mostly from each other).

A picture of the sign was originally posted to the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page and received an overwhelming amount of support and praise from many Americans.

The idea is a noble one and one that just makes sense, to offer food to those that give so much to their local communities. None the less Black Lives Matter members are furious about the more than respectable sign continues reporting USHerald.

We can all bet that no matter how mad these BLM thugs get about the sign they won’t be able to loot or rob this particular KFC.

The non-racist and anti-cop BLM activists have shown their reactions to the sign on Facebook commenting, “Awesome!! I knew I always loved KFC,” and other similar comments echoing the same sentiment. Another commenter shared a similar opinion, “Should be nationwide in all restaurants.”

Yes, all the women and men in blue deserve respect because they are the only one willing to risk their lives every day in order to save yours. The law enforcement deserves unlimited support from and respect from the entire nation and we are glad that this restaurant knows it. Giving them a free meal is the least that we can do for heroes like this.