Bombshell: Clintons Involved In $5 Billion Nuclear North Korea Scandal


Most of the people have no idea how North Korea became so “powerful” to produce nuclear energy and weapons for mass destruction. North Korea is a communist country with the regime led by lunatics. In this country you have constant 24/7 brainwashing, you have no freedom and Kim Jong Un is the little kid who owns this place and uses it as his playground.

Some people made a huge commitment for something this sick to exist and you will be stunned after you see who those people are.

The New York Post published the details of one of the biggest crimes committed by Clintons. As president Clinton prepared to confront North Korea in 1994, ex-president and self-appointed peacemaker Carter went to Pyongyang to negotiate a sellout deal-give the North Koreans two nuclear reactors and $5billion in aid if they promised to quit seeking nuclear weapons, reports NYT.

After this happened, Clinton made the famous claims that North Korea will never establish their sick program for nuclear weapons and bring “an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula.”

In the same time, Carter got his Nobel Peace Prize. They made this globalist immortal by giving him this award. Now, we see that it was all just a scam.

The worst part of the story is revealed in 2002 after North Koreans finally revealed that they had been violating the accord from day one and it was so easy for them because it was all just a huge transaction of money without good purpose. North Korea is having stronger nuclear weapon arsenal than ever.

Obama did nothing better.The Obama administration simply carried on from the Clintons in kicking this can down the road for as long as they possibly could. They made statements, such as they would never “accept” a nuclear North Korea, while actually doing nothing about it. Similar sentiments were expressed about Iran, but John Kerry later orchestrated a deal that almost guaranteed the nation’s nuclear ascendancy, reports CNA.

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