BOMBSHELL- Obama Just Caught In HUGE LIE About Keystone – Now The TRUTH Is FINALLY Revealed

The Keystone Pipeline was a project that was meant to be a great and extraordinary process that is going to improve the lives of millions Americans. Barack Obama, as a President then, was supposed to make sure that everything is going legit and regular.

Something wrong happened. Obama was in fact lying to everybody about the Keystone Pipeline and that’s how everything connected to the project was ,,judged” to fail.

President Obama’s decision to shut down Keystone XL wasn’t about environmental protection; it was about politics. Obama knew the Keystone is safe, via Breitbart

The decision was “a political one, not based on any scientific merit,” said Steven Chu, Obama’s energy secretary. Moreover, energy economist Nick Loris noted how the Obama administration “reviewed the environmental impact of the pipeline on four different occasions and said it would impose minimal environmental risk.”

In a 2015 piece he wrote for the Heritage Foundation, Loris stated that the Canadian oil was coming out of the ground regardless of whether the Keystone Pipeline is built or not. If the Canadians can’t sell it to us, they will sell it to China. 

Even Ken Salazar, Obama’s secretary of the interior, called the Keystone Pipeline a “win-win.”

President Obama did not give a flip about the environment. Obama was pandering to environmentalist groups, pure and simple.

While it may not be a shock to you that Obama has no backbone, what might be a shock are the many benefits the Keystone Pipeline offers!

First of all, the Keystone Pipeline would bring down gasoline prices, and, as many economists will argue, that has a ripple effect across other spectrums of the economy. Everything is moved by gas, and when transport costs go down, all costs go down.

Jobs are another great bonus. While there would only be 35 to 50 permanent jobs remaining once the pipeline is finished, there would be hundreds of temporary construction jobs. And as long as Democrats and environmentalists don’t get in the way, these people can work on more pipelines after this one!

But there’s another benefit President Obama forgot to tell you about — we get most of our oil from foreign suppliers, and by putting this pipeline in place, we would alleviate trade with hostile partners. Canada is a close and stable ally, and Saudi Arabia is not. It just makes sense.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

Americans need the Keystone Pipeline. Obama played dirty, but I can assure you that our new President will take care of everything. Obama really made the things tough in the oval office for his successor. No panic, everything is going to be settled soon with the pipeline and remember- Trump will protect the people.