BOMBSHELL: Paul Ryan Switches Sides! Look What He Will Sacrifice To Trump…


Paul Ryan has kept his distance from Donald Trump for a while. It’s because he is a loser and didn’t want to be hammered again after standing up to Trump the first time.



Paul Ryan is joining Trump on the campaign trail. He is killing off the Never Trump movement forever. Paul Ryan was before trying to maintain some daylight from Trump because of his White House ambitions.

Paul Ryan is on the takedown Hillary team now. He is on the Trump Train. Let’s welcome this flip-floppin’ politician on board the Trump Train.


Ryan has started to come over to the light recently. He even said that Trump’s debate performance was killer.


He is a RINO, but at this point we need all the help we can get to take Hillary Clinton down. Really though! Really though! This woman has her crooked tentacles all over the U.S. government and we need to get every politician on Trump’s side.

The more that go up to bat for Trump. The more there are that are not working with Hillary Clinton.

Take a look at even Ted Cruz falling in line.

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