BOOM! Actor Rob Schneider KNOCKS Dems With One BRUTAL Tweet About Slavery


The celebrity wars continue! Proud Patriots are again there to give you a first hand information! One of the guys that makes our nation laugh, in fact, made American patriots laugh again. Rob Schneider,obviously, is sick and tired from the Democrat hypocrisy and decided to strike back. He is Donald Trump supporter and real, reasonable man. In his own way he smashed the mainstream media and demos.


In this tweet Schneider recalls the time when the Republican Party ended the slavery and won the civil war. Now they(democrats) curse the Republicans and their ideology. This is so stupid! After that he hit even harder!


Now you can see who made the biggest progress in the US history. That is why they are called ,,Lincoln Party”. This is what ConservativeTribune commented about this action taken by Rob Schneider:

Liberals never could handle losing very well. Whenever something doesn’t go their way they riot, protest and otherwise try to disrupt daily life to show everyone how angry they are.

When Republicans lose elections, they don’t take to the streets. Instead they plan for the future and figure out what went wrong. Just look at what happened in 2010, 2014, and 2016 — Republicans spent a lot of time analyzing the loses of 2008 and 2012, and came back stronger than ever.

Rioting and burning cars isn’t going to solve anything. When the smoke clears, Donald Trump will still be the president-elect. It’s about time liberals realized that and stopped disrupting the lives of millions of Americans.

We have to appreciate this posts because they show that in America there are still open minded people, honest people. We can not sit in home and just watch Fox,NBC,CNN and live in their lies. We do not give a F**K if Miley Cyruss , Lady Gaga or Kim Kardashian leave our country. We are Americans, and we will stand our ground!



H/T ConservativeTribune