BOOM – Black TV Hosts UNLOAD On Obama For Ignoring THIS Disgusting Anti-White Hate Crime

Barack Obama with his liberal hordes spread a disgusting lie all the way trough the mainstream media to destabilize and defocus the nation from the real problems and his mistakes. There is racism in America, there is racism in the entire world, but it seems that the word ,,racism” lost it’s meaning. Our ex-president blame Trump for racism and during his mandate he created organizations such as black lives matter, to provoke the white people and divide the nation for his own purposes. Look how black tv host destroys Obama for his racism-propaganda.

The Gateway Pundit reported that a Chicago gang of teenage black people kidnapped a white homeless man on Wednesday and brutally assaulted him during a Facebook live session while screaming things like “F*ck Donald Trump!” and “F*ck white people!”

The gang, who was led by Brittany Herring, gagged, slapped, beat, and cut the terrified man while he begged for his life in the sickening, 30-minute video. They then made him drink toilet water.


Despite the fact that this is clearly a hate crime, the race-baiting media and the White House are refusing to address it. Disturbed by this, black Youtube sensations Diamond and Silk decided to take action by calling out Obama for ignoring this racially motivated crime.

“We would like to know where is the DOJ, @TheRevAl, the Civil Rights Movement and @CornellWBrooks to do his Sit In. #HateCrime,” the women wrote on Twitter.

Obama likes to think that all black people support him, but Diamond and Silk are living proof that this is not the case at all!

If the victim of this crime was a black Hillary Clinton supporter, it would be all over the mainstream media. However, since a white Trump supporter was targeted, nobody is reporting on it.

H/T Truth Monitor

To be honest, most of the liberal mainstream media channels wouldn’t dare to think about publishing a video where Trump supporter is being tortured by black people. They talk about human rights and stuff all the time- but they are just hypocrites that care nothing about except their own interests. We have to defend ourselves against the liberal hooligans and vandals. This is a prove that in america racism is a relative concept.