BOOM!!! Democrats Try To Attack Jeff Sessions – Ted Cruz Gives Them EXACTLY What They Deserve


The struggle between the Democratic and Reubican party is the strongest at the congress. After many members of the congress encouraged themselves to raise their voice against the previous administration, the democrats decided to stop the ,,rebellion” in their rows and stop the republicans. Now in every segment of our society there is an open war between the liberal movement and the conservatives. In the article below you can see what happened and democrats try to attack Jeff Sessions. Ted Cruz is back to bash them!

Today, during Jeff Sessions’ hearing for Attorney General, Cruz once against stepped up and shamed every Democrat on the committee, calling them all out for their neglect to question any of the illegal or immoral acts by the Obama administration…

Operation Choke Point, Sanctuary City funding, refusal to enforce immigration laws, pardoning criminals, and ransom payments… these are but a few of the things Cruz called them all out on.

As I sat and listened to Cruz’s testimony, it only solidified the fact that We the People made the right decision in electing Trump as our president.

For far too long, our politicians have walked party lines and ignored the will of the people.

Had any of the things Cruz mentioned been done by a Republican, every one of those politicians that sat on their hands would have climbed on a soap box and chirped to anyone who would listen to them.

I have to give Cruz credit for he is one of the few politicians who actually learned a lesson from this past election. He realizes we want change, and he is doing everything he can do make that happen.

He is doing this at the risk of putting himself out of a job too! However, he is also setting himself up for a huge run in 2024 to be president of the United States. Cruz was a bit too far right for most voters this time around. He did have a following, but the battles he had with Trump deeply hurt him when push came to shove.

While his supporters will remain loyal, if he is to have a legitimate run during the next election, he knows he needs to win over Trump supporters, or he will go down in flames again.If he keeps this up, he will have no problem winning over enough supporters to make him the next resident on Pennsylvania Avenue after Trump wraps up his eight years.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

Ted Cruz is an excellent orator and expirienced politician. The liberal evil mouths can not stop the ,,reconstruction” od our country. Jeff Sessions is a far better option for any crucial positions than any of the clowns Obama put in position to make decisions for the future of country. Share this post if you support Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz!