BOOM! After Hillary Called FBI Liars, They Leaked 1 Document She Never Wanted ANYONE TO SEE


Hillary keeps messing with the wrong people, and maybe she’ll finally learn the lesson. She can’t blame people for accusing her, cause she’s actually guilty for every crime. And guess what… She’s angry at the FBI for reopening the investigation into her private email server, and went that far to say that they don’t have any evidence.

This is where she did a huge mistake. As a result of her words, Comey released a strong evidence that even Hillary can’t deny. Well, Hillary, you’ll have enough time to think about this in jail.

Via Subject Politics

The FBI began immediately releasing documents exposing MAJOR crimes by Bill and Hillary Clinton dating back to Bill’s Presidency. The BOMBSHELL in the document was that Bill Clinton pardoned an international fugitive on his final day in office in exchange for a donation to Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign. 

The FBI documents show that Marc Rich, the FBI “most-wanted” criminal,had donated $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and “these donations may have been intended to influence the fugitive’s pardon.”


This is criminal bribery at the highest level! It illustrates everything corrupt and disgusting about the Clinton’s and we need to share it everywhere!

But they didn’t stop there! They also released their files on David Petraeus to prove he was INDICTED for doing less than Hillary Clinton did. (HERE)

And they released the full file on Hillary Clinton which will provide all the evidence to charged her with PERJURY and ARREST her depending on what the new emails show!


This is a war Hillary can’t win. Go against the FBI? The worst decision ever! Share this with your Trump-supporting friends. This is out of this world. Someone took the matter in their hands. Finally.

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