BOOM – John Lewis GETS RIPPED By ‘Conservative Black Chick’ – ‘What Have You Done Since…

John Lewis crossed the line past month with his attempts to make a bad reputation for the Republican Party and especially Donald Trump. Lewis thought that he made promising pressure on the congress and senate, everything in order to find out some way to stop the inauguration on 20th Jan. He wants to play the role of black rights activist, but in fact he is nothing more than whining and frustrated person. He blamed himself major time on FOX News last week with his infantile statements and attacks against Trump and Pence. However, he was totally destroyed for his hard hypocrisy once again. This is a big day for every african-american, its the MLK day, but not for the sick liberal hypocrites who use the pain of the black people for their own political agenda!

Representative John Lewis has been all over the headlines lately for calling out Trump. Now, some people are finally hitting back.

Crystal Wright recently made an appearance on Fox with Stuart Varney and challenged him as an “illegitimate congressman.”

She challenged him further, stating, “And, you know, what I want to know is what has John Lewis done since he marched on Selma? Really. He’s riding on the coattails of something that happened over 50 years ago,” via

While that was surely a killer shot, something she said later hit even harder.

When commenting about the obvious racial double standard that exists today, she told Varney, “If Donald Trump was not white and a Republican, John Lewis would have no problem with anything that he had said, how he’s conducting his presidency.”

She continued, “If John Lewis was not black, nobody would care what he is saying.”


Ms. Wright hits on several points that are dead on, and will more than likely have liberals calling her out as a turncoat. Because we all know, when you don’t agree with the liberals, you become an instant target.

I am already on the record saying that while Lewis was once a man on a mission, a truly respectable one, today he is nothing more than someone who tosses around mud for political reasons.

Earlier today we published an article of several outright lies he has told simply to serve his political purposes. The most recent of course was calling out Jeff Sessions as a racist even though the two marched arm-in-arm during a Bloody Sunday march.

Crystal will no doubt come under tremendous pressure over her comments to this civil rights ‘legend,’ but I agree his best days are behind him. Today, he is like a failed author that has published 20 duds yet still lives off that best seller he had decades ago.

The man is a liar, a hypocrite, and typical of the swamp dwellers that need to be flushed out of Washington, a process that will hopefully start in four days.

For those of you not familiar with Ms. Wright, she has become famous in the political world for not only her ‘lively’ appearances on Fox, but also for her blog,

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

The Democratic Party has to ,,shake” their rows, because they only blame themselves with sore losers like J. Lewis. The progressive liberal leftists are screaming in panics as the inauguration day comes closer and closer. They drown in despair, they become delusional and nervous- at the moment you can see them failing all the time on the social medias or broadcast channels. Poor liberals- you are done!