BOOM: Lee Greenwood Issued DIRE WARNING Message To Cowardly Lib Musicians Who Won’t Perform Inauguration

The great country music legend Lee Greenwood made a strong critics against the liberal musicians and celebrities from Hollywood. He is one of the many musicians who stepped up against the liberal leftists, Greenwood also has a strong point on this political madness who divided the nation on two sides. The liberal villains strongly disagreed to accept the fact that their nominee lost the election and now they are seeking revenge. Why? It was a ,,fair game” and they’ve lost in a legitimate election. Also the celebrities- they have the right to share their opinion, but based on facts and in normal communication instead of their badmouthing and delusional accusations made of anger.

Country music legend Lee Greenwood wrote a timeless patriotic anthem in “God Bless the USA”, and he’s proud to be given the chance to sing it at our 45th President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Greenwood will be appearing at the inauguration alongside superstar Toby Keith, popular rockers 3 Doors Down and golden-voiced sweetheart Jackie Evancho, and he had a vicious message for those musicians and singers who were too gutless to perform for Trump.

Stated Greenwood to the Hollywood Reporter about the cowardly musicians like John Legend and Elton John, “I think that’s a mistake. And, I think, sadly, that she [Jennifer Holliday] would buckle under that kind of minority approach. Because it probably is.” He even called it a “lapse in judgement.” Added Greenwood, “The nation spoke resoundingly to elect this president. For her to buckle under, to social media, again, she’s thinking that’s going to make an impact on her career. And it certainly won’t.”

Continued Lee about why musicians should be grateful to perform for the President, “You’re going to sing for the president, my gosh,” Greenwood said. “I didn’t work the campaign, she didn’t work the campaign. This is basically an invitation to go to Washington D.C. and be a part of this celebration. I’m sorry she made that choice. It doesn’t influence what I do or, I think, many of the other performers who will be there.”

Stated Greenwood, “I consider it a great honor and prestige of being able to sing the song I wrote in 1983 at the Lincoln Memorial. It will be a wonderful moment for my career but also for the citizens who will be watching it on television worldwide. We have a new president-elect, and we’re going to support him.”

H/T Conservative101

What do you think people? Be honest this time, do you think the popular celebrities made a huge mistake that refused to play on the inauguration day? According to me, we don’t need them- we are going to have a nice ceremony in a traditional, american spirit. We miss our traditions and our culture. The progressive leftists destroyed the American culture in the past decade- we need to make America great again and fight back! We have to keep our values and die for our cause if needed-that’s what makes us Americans- it really matters!