BOOM! Russia Launches HUMILIATING Social Media Campaign Attack On Obama – He’s LIVID


Russians are pretty serious when it comes to Barack Obama. He is one of the most hated politicians in this country. Russia is christian and conservative country that decided to fight the Islamic terrorist and held hard positions against the illegal Muslim immigration. Their leader and his people fought in the nineties against the liberal oligarchs in Russia and they beat them. The illuminati agenda failed in Russia and they antagonized Putin beyond imaginable. That is sick.

On the other hand, Russians remained calm. They revealed the real face of Obama and his administration and gave away shelter to every single ,,rebel” against the neo-liberal global invasion. Look what they did now:

Just after President Obama announced that the Russian hacks would result in the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and the closure of two Republican embassies in the United States, he quickly became the target of a degrading social media attack by Russia.


The Russians compared Obama to an animals, specifically a monkey, and it went viral. In one, President Obama is shown asking Putin, “How do we make you scared of our sanctions?” Putin responds, “No way. Do you want a banana?”

In another image, Obama was edited to include makeup, earrings and a rainbow flag ping—insinuating that he is gay.

Of course, liberals are outraged at the attacks on our leader—and we can all agree it’s an embarrassment for our country. But it is a hilarious wakeup call for the President—did he think he was going to impose sanctions without consequences?

H/T American News

Hahaha. These pictures are so funny. Sometimes the power of art is higher than anything, that should be admitted. Well done Russians. At least hes got what he deserved.