BOOM! Starbucks Just Got NASTY Surprise After Pledging to Hire Refugees

A shameful decision was announced from the Starbucks CEO. They want to remain obedient to their liberal commanders, who watch everything with the ,,big eye”. These global elitists ordered the world famous coffee shop to hire muslim immigrants in order to boycott the President’s decision.

But, guess what?! Starbucks is getting banned from the American patriots! Nobody is stronger than the people remember!

President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries for 90 days has caused a lot of outcry in liberal circles.

In response to the order, Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, announced that his company would work to hire 10,000 refugees, Fortune reported.

Almost as soon as the news was reported, the hashtag “Boycott Starbucks” started trending across all major social media platforms as very angry Americans expressed their outrage that Starbucks would decide to hire refugees over Americans looking for work.“While Trump is creating jobs for struggling Americans, the left is cheering Starbucks for giving 10,000 to refugees,” tweeted one user.In the statement posted on the Starbucks website, Schultz promised to first hire refugees who had helped the U.S. military overseas.

“And we will start this effort here in the U.S. by making the initial focus of our hiring efforts on those individuals who have served with U.S. troops as interpreters and support personnel in the various countries where our military has asked for such support,” the statement read.

It should be noted that the announcement stated that Starbucks would hire 10,000 refugees “over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does business,” which could indicate that not all the 10,000 will be employed in America.

Starbucks wasn’t the only large company that publicly disagreed with Trump’s order. Facebook, Apple, Netflix and other major corporations also announced their discontent. 

In any case, what Starbucks did was nothing more than a lame PR stunt to pander to their left-leaning customer base, and just like their other publicity stunts, this one has backfired.

It is unclear how much this boycott will impact Starbucks’ bottom line, or if it will be enough to get corporation to change policy.

Trump is imposing this temporary ban in order to make sure that anyone we admit into the United States in the future shares our values and isn’t a threat to our people.

If Starbucks can’t seem to understand that, then the company doesn’t deserve our business.

H/T Conservative Tribune

This liberal oppression has to come to an end. For real! Our people speak with the voice of Donald Trump- he is not career politician who keeps his promises. Starbucks will face the reality now with the boycott. This is a shame for the company because they are paid to produce and provide their ,,special” and fictionally expensive coffee, not to be political experts.