BOOM: Trump Bans THESE 2 Groups from Ever Receiving Welfare Again


It stands within reason to expect those receiving government welfare to be upstanding citizens and to contribute to society despite their low economic standing.

Sadly, that hasn’t always been the case in the United States. But now that Donald Trump is president, things have changed. The Department of Agriculture this week announced a change in the way that food stamps or now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Plan (SNAP) will be doled out.

The Department will now start being stricter about who is eligible for the program. The eligibility guidelines were updated three years ago, but have not been implemented up to date.

Section 4008 of the 2014 Farm Bill denied benefits to two groups: Those “convicted of federal aggravated sexual abuse, murder, sexual exploitation and abuse of children, sexual assault, or similar offenses under state laws, as well as those who are not in compliance with the terms of their sentence or parole or are fleeing felons, from receiving food stamps.”

Since 2014, these rules have not been enforced — but now Trump has ordered the Department of Agriculture to start enforcing them strictly.

The move is the fulfillment of Trump’s promise to scale back the nearly 43 million Americans on SNAP, which is expected to cost taxpayers $45 billion this coming fiscal year.

Now that Trump is in office, law and order has returned.

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H/T Truthmonitor