BOOM! Trump CRUSHES Hillary on Immigration and Terrorism


Donald Trump was right. It was a “great pivot” from Chris Wallace’s question about open borders.

The debate moderator asked Hillary Clinton to comments she made where she supported “open borders” and “open trade.”
Rather than address her comments, Clinton blamed the Russians for being responsible for the WikiLeaks released comments that Clinton made that proved she supported “open borders.”
Russia, Clinton said, is behind those WikiLeaks hacks and Clinton demanded that Trump condemn them.

It was a “great pivot” from the question about open borders that Wallace asked, Trump responded.

For the record, Trump said he condemned any interference by any foreign government to influence the U.S. election.

 And by the way, the reason Hillary is so agitated by Putin is because “Putin has outsmarted Hillary” every step of the way.Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether Putin or Kim Jong-Un released the emails and hacks. Hillary and her campaign said them, and they’re indefensible.