BOOM! Whoopi Goldberg Leaving America For Good! Here’s WHY!


It is not a big surprise that Whoopi Goldberg, “The View” host, doesn’t like Trump. She has made that clear months ago.  She also threatened that she would leave the country if Trump is elected.

On a recent airing of the show, Goldberg went on what Conservative Post called a “moderately unhinged rant.”

VIA AmericanNews

“Listen, he can be whatever party he wants to be,” Goldberg told the audience. “What he can’t be is he can’t be the guy that says it’s your fault stuff isn’t working. That’s not the president I want. Find a way to make stuff work. Stop blaming everybody because all of this, as American citizens, this is our—we did all of this. We’ve allowed all this stuff, so we have to fix it.”

“But you can’t say, ‘Oh, you’re Lebanese or you’re black or you’re Mexican or you’re a woman,” she continued. “Stop blaming everybody. Let’s fix the crap. Let’s just fix it. If you can fix it, I will listen to what you have to say….The minute you start pointing and saying that person is a rapist and a murderer, it pisses me off because I’ve been a part of that when they just use a blanket statement to talk about black people or when they use a blanket statement to talk about white people or women or any other group. I don’t think that’s America. I don’t want it to be America. Maybe it’s time for me to move, you know.”

It isn’t clear, why, according to Goldberg, Trump’s idea of stronger border control is the same as blaming everything on Mexicans, blacks, women and the Lebanese.

Maybe the problem with racism is not in Trump but with people who are seeking for the problem.

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