BOOM: Whoopi Goldberg Just Went Too Far – SHE’S DONE

As we all know Whoopi Goldberg has been big supporter of the Democrats,and even bigger repulsive hater of Trump and everything he stands for,using every opportunity to verbally attack him using every kind of low class speculations about him.This time she crossed the line one too many times.

In the episode of “The View” that started on Wednesday the 35 “dossier” came up.

This so called dossier that was originally posted by Buzzfeed,involves fraudulent information about Donald Trump that is not supported by any sort of evidence whatsoever.

On The View, Goldberg peddled a theory that Trump is subservient to the Russians as a result of compromising information or recordings they have on him. She said, “Now we can’t get into specifics […] but I do have to ask because he’s being showered with allegations right now, is this a golden opportunity for Democrats or will he be able to clean up these leaks?”

When Whoopi used the word “golden,” it was a reference to “golden shower.” In the dossier, it claims that Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on him. An allegation which has no evidence whatsoever.

Whoopi continued, “The saddest thing about all of this is people jumped on what they thought was happening with Hillary Clinton without any factual information […] They’re giving this a pass, saying it’s not really real. Here’s the deal, I’m taking it like it might be real and I don’t want you compromising my country for your gain. I’m not happy with that.”

It’s strange how much undignified  can one person be.

Whoopi Goldberg is a perfect example for that.Using false information to try and degrade the one man that truly cares about America and people’s well being.Don’t you  think that it’s about time she should lose the hosting gig on”The View”.After this she deserves even more than that!

H/T Truth Monitor